Friday, May 4, 2018

April 2018 Updates

So, here are all my updates for this site for April - a very late post.

If you haven't noticed, I've added a few new pages - Mastercards and Cards I Made.

Mastercards contains all the mastercards of the cards I've collected. It's divided into 4 pages:
  • the first one contains the most recent mastercards I've collected for the current month;
  • the second page contains everything in I've collected for the current year
  • the third one contains everything in alphabetical order;
  • and the last one contains the specific pages for the master cards.
I'm thinking of re-writing the script to load and sort all the cards automatically. I'll work on it when I get more time.

One other thing I've done is fixed TCG feeds that I've been putting for a while now.

And, I've finally decided to keep this site as is and not use Wordpress mainly because, I do not like how the Wordpress upload media works - a lot of space are being wasted for the images. And secondly, it's easier and more organised to updated manually. Although, I would always need a lot of things to update, like an editor, FTP, and Git, for example, I do not really need to update TCG on the go and can put the updating off until I get home or at work.

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